A.I Powered Storytelling

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Create interactive visual novels using generative-AI.

SuperFragile is working on StoryCraft, a storytelling platform where you can use generative A.I to tell the most beautiful stories. You can also discover other users' stories, collaborate on side stories or alternative scenarios using AI or User-generated content.

Everyone can become a content creator, and enjoy the monetization and ownership models of our platform.

Our Project

What if Batman was a Pokemon trainer? What if Darth Vader was a pro skater? Using A.I. and Web3 technologies, the Super Fragile team is working on the next generation of storytelling games.

Our next project, code named "StoryCraft", is a platform that targets the storytelling world. We ambition to fully redefine the way we create, interact and experience stories. Empowered with A.I and cloud technologies, we plan to design the next generation of storytelling. Collaboration, expansion, discovery, amazement, user friendliness, are all words that define what our platform will offer. We aspire to reach millions of users, stories-lovers of all ages, from across the world.

Our Team

Our team is experienced and dedicated. We are a family of creative minds, entrepreneurs, and professionals bound by an undying passion for storytelling, entertainment and gaming. We all know each other in real life, and we work extremely well together as a team.

Yassine Hentati

Unity Developer

Between a daydream and a gaming night, Yassine loves designing new videogame mechanics.

Nidhal Amdouni

Software Engineer

Result-driven Software Engineer passionate about working on new technologies and always eager to learn more

Yassine Fatnassi

FullStack Developer

Yassine is a web and DevOps enthusiast. That enjoy's challenges and new technologies.

Ali Mehrez


The mind behind Storycraft. His design and work on the first prototype of Storycraft is what got us incubated on Google IGA and his conviction of succeeding on this journey is what pushes us forward, to infinity and beyond.

Mostfa Lejri PhD.


During his career, Mostfa has acquired coding skills and experience in numerical modeling and software production. He quickly understood the importance of AI for storytelling and came up with the monetization system based on user generated content.


Gerson Da Silva
  • Lead Game Designer at Ironhide Game Studio
  • Professor of Game Design Fundamentals at Instituto Bios, Montevideo Uruguay
  • Mentor for the Google Indie Game Accelerator since 2019
Gian Maria Lanci
  • Branding Video Specialist YOUTUBE MENA - Google
  • Mentor for the Google Indie Game Accelerator since 2018

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